Five things to do in Bellaria in our surroundings

From the sea to the mountains, to discover Romagna!

Between beaches and forests, cities of art and theme parks, sins of gluttony and sports paradises, the only thing you won’t find in Romagna is boredom…!
Here are five things to do in Bellaria and its surroundings, in the summer or all year long:

1 An afternoon on the beach

Bellaria beaches are long, soft and golden, perfect for a tanning session or for long strolls or a beach volley game.
If the Riviera is Italy’s beach, there is a reason…!

2 Nature

Those who love outdoor life, won’t be disappointed in Bellaria: the forests on the Apennines slopes, are the perfect counterpart for the long beaches on the Adriatic sea: with murmuring waterfalls, dotted with hermitages and solitary shelters, to take a stroll by foot or on horseback

3 Theme parks

The Riviera of the Parks did not take its name by chance: Mirabilandia, Aquafan, Italia in Miniatura are all in Romagna, and these are just the most popularof the many theme parks along the coast. Guaranteed fun for the entire family!

4 Hamlets and castles

The entire Romagna hinterland is filled with castles and fortresses that have been guarding the hills for centuries: at their feet, charming towns will delight you with their amazing views and delicious dishes.

5 Art and culture

Urbino, Rimini, Ravenna… These cities have inherited beautiful art and unparalleled history from their long past, like the amazing mosaics in Ravenna, the Roman monuments in Rimini and the Renaissance triumph of Urbino.